A little bit about me and my blog-I am in recovery from schizo-affective disorder, bipolar type, an eating disorder, and cope with the pain of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  The eating disorder (ED-NOS) is pretty much in remission and I was doing very well with my other disorder until I got pregnant.  Then my hormones went out of control and I started becoming depressed.  I always knew that if I got pregnant, I would have an abortion, because of how it would hurt my joints and because I knew it would affect my mental well-being.  I suspected that I would develop postpartnum depression.  So I had the abortion and I am still glad I did, but unfortunately, I did not know that I would still develop postpartnum depression.  This site is not especially for or against abortion, although I am in favor of giving women the choice.  So far, it is not attempt to politicize my situation, but to provide information and insight into the life of someone who can now add postpartnum depression to their list of recovery situations and disorders.  I will have other topics on here as the abortion becomes less of an issue in my mind.  These topics might be: kink, how sex can be healing, processing trauma, protecting one’s self, boundaries, and masturbation.  No trolling or negative comments are allowed at all, as these are sensitive issues.  Disagreement, sure, but nothing that attacks me or another person.  No harmful comments are allowed.  This is not a safe space, but I will be as respectful as possible about the issues.  This is above all a recovery site that promotes sexual healing and hope.