“I believe when we’re able to fully own and express ourselves, we are able to tap into a creative power deeply rooted from our sexual energy – our creative energy. It’s our core. We don’t understand the creative power we have because we’re so busy using it in all the wrong ways – or worse, not using it at all.” Lauryn Doll

Who knew that Whisper would turn out to be so delightful?  Right now, I am having several charming conversations at once about how hairy legs really do not dampen anyone’s sexual activity.  A bunch of men started chatting and telling me that yep, I’m right, and in fact, many men seem to not only be okay with female leg hair but find it sexy.  You see, the beauty industry really is just selling us a pack of lies.  (Now, I have no problem with shaving.  It just makes me sad to hear women that don’t want to shave buy the lie that they must in order to keep a boyfriend or have sex.  It just ain’t true.)

I had another wonderful conversation on Whisper a few days ago and it is encapsulated so many very wonderful things about my relationship that I asked the man I was talking to if it would be alright if I shared.  Happily, he said yes.  (Unfortunately, the first half of the conversation was somehow deleted.  To set up: I had just told him that I not only am in a triad but also have a lover on the side. He asked if everyone knew – a valid question.)


Let me say it again:

I wish more people were open to being this free.  It’s empowering to be with people who value autonomy, honesty, and good communication.

I really do.  The world would be a much better place.