Call a jack a jack.  Call a spade a spade. But always call a whore a lady.  Their lives are hard enough, and it never hurts to be polite.  (Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of The Wind)

I think it’s funny how some members of the LGBTQ community get so attached to their one label.  People that are so attached to one name must be completely puzzled by me because my label changes from day to day.  I just cannot fit into a sexual box.  I say bisexual to people who only know the four most common terms, even though it does not most accurately define my sexuality.  Because I so prefer being around women, I sometimes refer to myself as lesbian even though I also have a boyfriend.  Some lesbians say that being lesbian is not a feeling but I disagree.  I am so sexually fluid that more than one label fits – I can go from feeling completely enamored with women to completely submissive to my sir.  I believe that both options are valid. 

Different labels that I use to describe myself on a regular basis:



             Homoflexible (liking both genders, but preferring those of the same sex)


             Female Focused


 Here is an excerpt from Whisper where I am explaining the sexual orientation of pansexual and another term that I formed for myself:          

BUT my favorite sexual label for myself is UNICORN!!