I am the blogger behind the recovery blog, Hope Is Real! And am passionately involved in the mental health advocacy world.

However, I am much more than that.  Currently, I am part of a triad and involved in the Swingers and BDSM community.  It is the best thing that has happened to me relationship wise.  It is also one of the most awkward things that have happened to me.  <<<I am in the closet about being in a straight relationship!>>> I am still new to the poly world but I have a rich history of sexually awkward experiences.  I thought perhaps by sharing my stories of confusion and laughter that we in the sexual oddity world can find some support and common ground.

I am also  an intersectional feminist and my whole life is viewed through this lens.  I tend to be very serious and am hoping that this blog will encourage me to tell more funny stories and see the funny side to my journey but it will be interspersed from time to time with some more serious posts.

I hope you can find some humor, joy, and love in my writing.  Enjoy!